Moto Guzzi

“I don’t want to sleep, this could not be the end.”

Written and directed by Marco Placanica

Starring Manuel Amicucci & Niki Mair
A Pirana Films production for Moto Guzzi

Cinematography by Emanuele Mestriner

1AD: Lorenzo Bottini
Prod. Manager: Giuseppe Lorenzo
Prod. Coordinator: Claudio Cirielli
Loc. Manager: Robi Siboni

Drone: CataFPV
Focus Puller: Alessandro Natale
Camera Assistant: Martina Lazzari
Gaffer: Ruben Israel
Stunt Driver: Simone Belli

Color grading: Daniel Pallucca
Sound design: AudioBottega

Original song “Baäl” by Exuma
All rights reserved to the artist:
Director’s cut not for commercial use